Sunday, March 27, 2011

next destination

Bangkok. honestly if given the time and money, this city will not even be on the list.

i never enjoyed my time in bangkok. the city gives me the creeps. it has been like 7 years since i last been there. it is just overflowing with white men who leave their footprints all around. i am giving it a second shot because a friend is working there and i get to fly for free!

for me, i need to go on holidays to appreciate my country better. Somehow, when i stay for an extended period of time here, the country gets to me. Life gets to me. it is so hard to get a balanced lifestyle, impossible. i struggle between doing what i like and how much i get paid. it is a constant battle. it gets so depressing at times- alright, i am going to stop here cause i don't even want to get started.

i am thinking if i should stop thinking and just jump straight in.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

i like having my fortune told (maybe cause i like hearing nice things about myself)

one thing that stood out for me was:

Mr Seah (fortune teller) told me that by hook or by crook, i have to get married by this year.
If i do, i will have a blissful and happy marriage, and a great life ahead.

that sounds like a damn good proposal.

Now i got to go look for a guy so as to enjoy a good life ahead. how ironic.

Friday, February 18, 2011

the singaporean way of proposing

the normal, typical way would be:

"we are going to get married, he just proposed with a ring"

the singaporean way:

" we just bought a house"= we are going to get married

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

men are from venus, women are from mars

we sing a different tune.

To illustrate my example:

I came back to office today and there was a bouquet of flowers on my table (Eeks, i am definitely not a flower person. if i could recall, the last time i received flowers was when i was 15 and i remembered clearly that i threw it into the bin)

And so, i was freaked out over the sight of flowers, not one but twelve!

I found out who sent it and this was what i said:

"Hey XX, thanks for the flowers! However, i think you should give it to someone who will appreciate it more"- i thought this message was clear enough that i am not even the tinest bit interested in XX

What this was what XX replied:

"Nah just a token from me and also an appreciation for the saturday date"- I nearly fainted, because i thought i was being very direct in my answer. SHIT! Now how, brown cow! I totally have no idea what XX is thinking.

Maybe it the fault lies with me for agreeing to meet him for coffee/lunch this Saturday. Honestly, I never saw it as a date. I just saw it as going out and meet new people, getting to know more friends. I don't blame XX because if we were to turn it the other way, I would similarly have thought that the girl might be interested.

How does one deal with a situation like this? How do you tell someone that "hey i am just meeting you purely because i just want to be friends, and not because i think you might be a potential partner?" I know i am at fault too, i do sound like i am "stringing him along", but the last thing i want is this!

No idea on how to resolve this without the akwardness and strangeness. But you will be glad to know that i did not throw the flowers away this time. (Because my friends commented that i was super duper evil the last time) I am also learnt to not be so harsh. Who knows when will be the next time i will be receiving flowers eh?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

working drains me out.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

poker face

while partying last night, a friend commented:
" Jen, you are completely emotionless. you don't have any form of expression on your face! you are like a dead fish"

this is not the first time that i am hearing this, and i get that all the time from my friends.

my deadpan expression and voice.
i guess you really don't realise it until someone points it out.
but then again, it is not like i can do anything about it.
even though i am completely entertained, i still have that bored look on me.
is it a bad thing? i cannot control it.
i just know that i felt slightly annoyed to have someone put it across to me. to the point of being offended.

the good thing is that it helps when i am playing poker.

on another note, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011 here i come!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

supermarket frenzy

the past 2 days have been awesome!
maybe because i don't have to go to work.
i have to say singapore is still as crowded as ever, despite it being a tuesday afternoon.

went to see my good ole dentist at jelita and took a stroll in cold storage.
i love browsing through a supermarket.
i particularly love the cold storage outlet at jelita and king albert park,
partly because it is so quiet, bright and stocked with yummy food.
the supermarkets back in aussie were mother huge,
and i can literally spend hours inside,
going through the lanes and trying to stop myself from buying things that i don't need.

the fact that i was living alone back then gave me a reason to go to mart.
back home in singapore, my mum does that for the family, thus there is no need for me to even venture in unless there is something urgent that i require.
a very big difference in lifestyle i must say.
i attribute my supermarket frenzy today to lack of experiencing it here in singapore.

oh well, the new year is just round the corner.
i can almost smell 2011.

best wishes for the new year people :)